A Review?!

Seems like a weird header for a title, yet here we are!

The reason why we decided to make this a review is for two reasons. One being about our scents and changes to that, and the other to our company brand. The weird thing is, starting up in March, yeah we are a very fresh company to all of this, and we thought about sticking to candles and how good it was, but then with out haste we added our bath bombs and soaps, and did it stop there? NOPE! We have since added lip balms, and now working on new stuff for our holiday season coming up! We have been working really hard and are happy to annouce that one of the two of us is taking this on full time! We have been applying to markets like crazy and are more and more shocked that we get accepted to each one now! We have had hurdles at first as when we launched our company it was during Spring time applications for summer markets, but this time, we are on top of it! And it's the reason for that is the reason for this "review" blog post.

So what does this mean to review scents? It's simple, as we are growing, so are our scents. We have listened to many of our customers and viewers and decided to add more scents! We have some beloved scents already, but we are going through and figuring out what works, what doesn't, and what you can expect to change from our end! 
When it comes to our candles, we have decided that we would host 9 scents, with 3 seasonal scents offered for a limited time. With Autumn on it's way you can expect our line up to be released as well, and with that stated we are saying goodbye to our Summer scents.
Watermelon Picnic
Vanilla Berry
Citrus Blossom
HOWEVER! Citrus Blossom was one our launch scents. Due to our sales end on it, we are officially discontinuing that scent, and instead, replacing it with our original Summer scent of Citrus Mellow! While we say goodbye to Citrus Blossom, we also sadly say goodbye to our Sinful Delight. The rush of Black Cherry and Black Licorice is now shelved but made room for our hopeful new favorite coming soon!
The update for Bath Bombs and Soaps, hell even Lip Balms are the addition of a whole new line of scents! We will be rounding out our full collection for 10 scents in each category! More to choose from, from citrus, to floral, and even dessert like, there will be enough for anyone to pick many new favorites!
Sadly though, we did bring this forward as we were hoping dearly for one of our soap scents to work, it sadly does not. We were batching together Bergamot and Fir and due to the chemical reactions of the soapification process, it gels too quickly and doesn't make a soap that is transferably easy to make or mold, so we must discontinue that scent, but we are pleased to also say we have more "manly soaps" coming soon!

On to our big piece of information now. Stated earlier we mentioned about a review of our brand and how we didn't expect this fast movement within our company. It is with that reason that we can no longer call ourselves "Avery Candles". We have been discussing it for awhile now, and feel that the name itself only promotes one thing out of a handful of items from our company! Candles will always be our dear beginnings, but we need to acknowledge that we are more than that now. We have found a new name, and are excited to launch it forward with everyone, but we are keeping it under lock and key right now! Once it is fully completed we will be launching our official grand opening as a company to which prizes will be involved so please watch closely for that!

We just want to continue to thank everyone supporting our company, and to all our new viewers and buyers, and everyone we meet at markets!

Stay safe, and loving

Avery Candles. 


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