Home Show and New Product!

Home Show and New Product!

I'll start off by saying WOOPS!

Back in January (or maybe February) that we would promise to blog a lot more than what we have been doing because of our Christmas hiatus...well, needless to say that didn't happen to well off now did it?! 

But, here we go!

BC Home Garden Show
We just wanted to send out a MASSIVE thank you to the BC Home Garden Show as well as Got Craft for having us at this market! For those who don't know, the Home Garden Show is massive 4 days market taking place at the BC Place downtown Vancouver. It can generate a crowd of up to 50,000 people and with the ease of restrictions I think we came close to that! There were so many vendors and a small little market area for the the handmade collective crowd that was a true pleasure to be with. 
We made so many new friends this time around and reached out with other vendors about other markets and places to attend. If there was any doubt anyone was having as new a new "maker" I would would say go for these kind of shows. Your maker community will have your back and you'll get to meet so many new people to extend out to! With it simply said, we look forward to the BC Fall Home Show later this year to see many familiar faces, and MANY new ones!

New Products!
That's right! We can finally say we have TWO new products available now in person and online! During the Home Show we decided to launch our maiden voyage with our Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars! We were really nervous at first but after day one at the event, that feeling went RIGHT OUT! Through the weekend of the event we were taken back by how supportive people were and how they came back to tell us that it was their new favorite thing in the world. 
So what makes them stand out? Simply put, Hemp Seed Oil being one of those items. We always boast about it! It doesn't clog pores on the skin and is actually an amazing moisturizing agent not only for the skin, but for the hair follicles as well. The second of which is Oat Protein which as well, is amazing for keeping the hair healthy and strong. With this launch of new products to start the year out, it makes us more excited for what's next to come!

So What Is Next To Come?
With a lot on our plate, we are still striving for markets! You can join us at Portobello Market March 19th and 20th
and then the Wellness Show March 26th and 27th.
That is it for the rest of this month, and HOPEFULLY, another blog will be up soon!
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