Is Something Missing?

Is Something Missing?

Well... is there?

In short form, in person yes!
As our market circuits keep going on, this year especially, we have noticed one thing and one thing alone that seems to pop up to us, that we are addressing, and that is...


That's right! Candles. We were suppose to make this blog on our usual Sunday, but we were reeling about this decision for the last couple days to the point where we went past our blog post date for what to write.
At the end of a good conversation that took place over the last couple of days, we have decided to cut back on our candles.  

How and why though? Firstly, our history of our company is candles. It's how we got started in our market scene, how we got our first market, and ultimately how we named our first portion of our company. After our name change though we decided to reel back on the scents, do a couple good ones to sell that keeps in line with our brand, and focus on those choices. When we started the market scene this year however, we noticed more and more how many new candle makers were not only applying, but also attending these markets. Going a couple more months now, we as a company have been requested more than a couple times to not supply our markets with candles which got us to thinking,

"Are candles really what we are aiming for? And are they really our brand?"

In short form, yes. In long term, no? 
We have officially decided that candles will ONLY be available for online purchasing, and during holiday markets around the Christmas time. When it comes to our yearly markets through the warmer seasons and early fall time, we won't be carrying candles with us as it is our focus to create more for our bath and body care. We have so many ideas and creations we are working on that in the end, candles are taking a back seat to, which is why we are happy to cater making them for online purchases to keep the scents fresh and really catered to our customers ordering them.

So as of now it is the end of our candles at markets, you can still enjoy them online, and during holiday seasons when we release our holiday scents obviously.  We truly thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, and hopefully this launches us more into markets than we had before!

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