Sugar Scrubs!

Sugar Scrubs!


Why our All Natural, Vegan, Hemp Seed Oil Sugar Scrubs are Flying off the Shelves!

First off, We just want to say hello to all and returning people who find solace in our never posting of blogs! (Insert witty joke chuckle here) We realize we are bad at updating them, but we have assigned ourselves homework in order to make a better stamp to what our goal is. 

And what is that goal? right now it's just simply getting our name and product out in to the world for everyone to enjoy! This is going to be one of somewhat many blog posts about some of our items we realize we have a small blurb of what the items are on our shop, but no where near the level of information that we can be letting everyone know as to know! To kick off with it, only because we just finished a massive batch of them today, we will be looking more into our Sugar Scrubs, and see why they are flying off the shelves!

So What is a Sugar Scrub Exactly?

As Joshua Ross, aesthetician and founder of West Hollywood's SkinLab says, a sugar scrub works by physically and manually exfoliating the skin! There are two ways in doing so which are chemical, and physical. Ourselves as a company chose to go the physical route. Our sugar scrubs are physical in the sense that they buff away the dead skin cells on the body with our organic can sugar granules, and encourage cell turnover with out leaving your skin raw or red! 

Our scrubs as well go hand in hand with our brand "Body Care" and we emphasize that because a sugar scrub is NOT meant for the face! Even though there is no real defining factor between a facial scrub and a body scrub, the difference would be the size of granules. Body is bigger, while face has smaller particles, which with the larger sugar particles, could lead to small scratches on ones face. 

But What About Lips?!

Sugar Scrubs are actually the PERFECT benefits to your lips! By natures way, lips are primed to be dry and chapped due to the lack of oil glands and exposure to saliva and digestive enzymes that can break them down. Not to mention the constant exposure to the elements being the sun, wind, rain and heat! Once a week is the projected use of a scrub on your lips as it reacts the same as it does for your body!

What Makes Ours Stand Out?

People are generally drawn to our bright colors when they first see our scrubs and that's what sparks the conversation of them. Ours stands out from the rest simply put because of how it's made and the process! 

We hand make each batch in small doses. We roughly get about 10 jars each time we make a fresh batch, and hand scoop them into their jars, and then let them sit for a couple days to take on their colors and then a final label is added and they are good to go! 

The scrubs we make are completely vegan! Not only that but they are cruelty free, paraben and palm oil free, and we infuse hemp seed oil in them, WHICH is great for the skin as it doesn't clog pores, moisturizes the skin and is beneficial to help eczema and psoriasis. It's also more gentle on the environment to grow and harvest. 

Other components in our scrubs include distilled water, glycerin to thicken it up, and stearic acid which is used to soften and smoothen the skin. 
Our emulsifying wax gives it build and softness, as does our cocoa butter, and our sodium lactate that we use is a great use to add electrolytes into the skin!

Overall, we take great pride in what we create and our Sugar Scrubs are mighty high on that list. Although they take some time to create, they are created with our consumers in mind in hope that they enjoy it more than we do! 

Our scrubs are made to be enjoyed and used. Generally twice a week is best to remove any dead skin cells, and even on the lips!

To anyone and everyone who follows us, we hope you enjoyed just what exactly we put into our scrubs, knowing that we have health and safety in mind of every single user with the added bonus of a colorful time!

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