Summer Is Coming!

Summer Is Coming!

If it's not already here, then IT IS COMING!
By that we of course mean summer!

I have a fun confession though and that is...I am not a summer person... Insert a fake gasp here if you will, but personally from my end, I am a total Fall body type person and personality. I'll gush over Fall season later because this post is to honor the up and coming Summer season which I still love, just not my top number 1! And, if you are reading this asap and early at the end of May, then this post is our "up and coming" 

So what do we have? We have created a summer scent package that fits the season PERFECTLY! We carefully blended a concoction of peach and mango to have a tropical summer vibe that leaves you feeling fresh. All these products will be available until the end of August so we can't insist enough to stock up and what we have now before you miss out on it for another year. We had a test run selling our line recently at the Mango Market in Surrey, and it flew off the shelves! Needless to say this line will be a VERY popular one! So once again... because I never answered it before, what do we have?

You can't have a bath and body care line with out the soap factor! We wanted something that screamed here is a summer scent, so we drew our inspiration right from the fruits we based it off of. Lined at the bottom with green, it's then swirled with a peach tone and yellow, with a kiss of pink. Like these summer fruits though, and the magic power of a vanillan content though, this soap will tend to brown if left too long, which means using it fast is the key! And it opens the door to order more!

To say we had fun making these is a bit of an understatement! This bath bomb comes in two styles! One of course is being the juicy peach, while we have a smaller version that we call our mini mango! They both pack a wicked punch and turn the bath into a peach colored fun zone!

Joining our sugar scrub line, this was the sell out at the market we never expected. Available in both 4oz and 8oz, this scrub exfoliates, and is a perfect addition to hot days when you could use a cold shower. This will refresh you on every level while treating your skin with proper care! And of course, the orange peach tone is the tell tale sign of what one it is!

We weren't sure about this one but after using a body butter from another company scented as just mango, we HAD to concoct our version into a body lotion. Moisture your skin with the fragrance of peach and mango and live your summer fantasy as much as you can! Full disclosure! We JUST made it and are already down on our own jar so you know this is going to sell out!

Finally as well, stay tuned to our site when we do the official launch of this line as we will be making a bundle deal! Every item you see on our image for this blog is what the bundle will include, all for a sale price. 

We are so excited to be bringing this to you all and hope you all enjoy it as much as we have had making it!

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