More New Items! AND News...

More New Items! AND News...

How many times do I have to remind ourselves to keep up with our blogs? Apparently every single time I remember to blog, and update what's happening. 

We have a couple new products coming on the site as well as in person markets, but first a small update from our end.

With the Spring season in half swing, we have picked up our market dates to add more. I say half swing  to spring because even though Vancouver doesn't experience a true Canadian winter, we are experiencing quite the lack of sun and good weather.
I still call our business a fresh business and new one, and even after celebrating our one year of being up and running, this field is a constant learning curve. We understand that our field of markets and what we sell can be a VERY saturated field with other soap makers, candles, and bath bombs ETC. We have learned to take rejection in stride, but that doesn't mean it feels any better. We have noticed there are many market organizations that will decline many vendors with out reason, or notice and this is just the Vancouver way. We have also noticed that many places will look over applications, even though you've been a previous vendor with them. Once again, this is just normal and how it goes. We have been finding our best stride not with farmers markets, but with the craft shows and craft markets, and that in lies where we will continue to focus. 
Our main thought moving forward is in hopes that other cities are more fair and responsive if we were to even branch out. Until then, we will see many friendly and bright faces around the city and continue to strive for the best with our brand!

If you haven't seen our emails, or haven't seen our spamming on Instagram, yes, we have a sale going on! Currently right now we are offering TWO sales happening. The first sale is our "Spring Cleaning" sale where everything in our store is 15% OFF! All you have to do is fill a cart and use the code "SPRING22". The other sale happening right now is the First Time Buyer sale. This is specifically for anyone who hasn't ordered from us and wants to. It takes off 10% your total as a thank you and welcome to our site! Our Spring sale ends May 24th, while the second sale will continue on for any brand new shopper we welcome! 
There is also a new sale coming up specifically for June but more details will be released on that one later!

Finally it's time for the meat of the blog...

- The first product we are bringing to the website are our Mini Bombs! We've sold them in person at all our markets, but they have officially been added to our website! You can enjoy them as single purchases or a bundled packaged deal, and choose from several scents we have available!
- Along the bath care line we are choosing to introduce to everyone our Bubble Bars! Essentially they are the in between line of a bath bomb and a bubble bath. Available in three scents, more will be joining the roster in due time! Simply take the bar and hold it under the running water of your bath and enjoy as the bubbles  fill the tub, and change colors! 
- our final product we are bringing to you is Shaving Soap! We have been working on this recipe since last fall after there have been many requests from customers to do so. We are beyond excited to have this product finally hit our shelves and we hope it is well perceived by everyone. We have it available in a larger size and a small portable size.

As we go forward and continue on, we can't thank everyone enough for supporting us and being with us along the way!

Hearth and Home. 

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