New Things Brewing

Summer is officially upon us, and the last couple days have been a heat breaking record for us here in upper New West. 

 We haven't been posting or keeping up too well with our social media because we are trying to find innovative ways to salvage our products while creating them. We invested in a dehumidifier (Which let me tell you, does wonders, but man does that thing dry out an already blazing room) This has helped us massively with our bath bombs, and our other creations we are still working on. With this heat we are also finding that putting our candles in the fridge for the wax to set up is another unique way of working, as well as our soaps setting up almost instantly. Summer is great, but we are learning as a small business maker, can be more challenging in other ways. 

But enough about that! We are excited because after an order was put in, we finally got our supplies for our next product! That is, if you are following our instagram page, LIP BALMS! We have been playing around with a couple different recipes in order to use product we already had, but in the end, had to gain some more inventory of new products. We are excited cause this is a first in many ways for our little adventure. We are currently working on three flavours to start with, so we hope you get a chance to try out each one!

Our last bit of info to share with anyone and everyone, during our last New West Market, we can't thank everyone enough who came out to say hi, and show support. We owe so much to the volunteers for giving us this chance to reach our dreams, we have been listening to people, and are working on an unscented item for each of our line! This means currently, we will soon be featuring an unscented Soap, Bath Bomb, Candle, and Lip Balm!

We thank each and everyone one for continuing to support us! Until next time,

Avery Candles

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