Our First Entry


Hello All!

First and foremost, welcome! As you go through our website i'm sure you have come across a couple of "about us" and further descriptions and small easter egg tidbits about us. Well, here in our bi-weekly blog is the perfect opportunity to get more of an inside look at us, and where we can answer questions, and mull over any changes that come up for us!

So who are we? Simply put, we are Avery Candles. We are owned and operated in the heart of upper New Westminster. We are a two person production consisting of Stephen, and Brendan, and here we hand make all of our products in small batches to ensure that we hit our quota of standards. We strongly believe in our motto "From the heart, made for the soul" and to us what that means is we take care in making our products and it brings us great joy making them for our customers as well for them to enjoy. When we started this company, it was just a crazy idea we had during Christmas 2020. We toyed with the idea of starting a small business in the new year, and on March 21st, 2021, we finally did what we spoke of. We chose the first day of Spring as it was easy enough to remember and manage. It was also easy to launch that day having in mind we had a Spring collection of candles. And that's all we had to start. We watched A LOT of videos, read up on a lot of papers, online questions, joined groups, and scouted out all our information from local stores! Aside from that we also played around with our logo which went through a couple transformations as well. 

Sure enough, once we had our line, we had some amazing supportive friends who wanted to ensure our success (You know who you are!) and we even secured a spot with our local farmer's market. After we attended our first one Stephen decided that maybe we should play more with different products. With our second market out of the way now, I have jumped on board as well. 

We are really excited to be going to our next market with a brand new line of Bath Bombs, and Soaps, all created for the Summer season that is officially upon us! We look forward to our next steps and our next endeavors, and can't thank everyone enough who has been supporting us along the way. There is more to come and that's a promise!

Avery Candles 

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