The excitement is here! And that's really because we finally put the whole package together and fell IN LOVE with our newest line! Obviously this blog post is going to be dedicated to it, so come join, read, and find out what lead us to what we are hoping is our next biggest seller... the SNACK PACK

Once Upon A Small Idea

So going back a little more we just have to give some minor context as to what lead us to the here and now, and the "adventure" behind it!
A while back during our first summer of being market vendors (Summer 2021) Stephen really wanted to do donut bath bombs. He was immediately hooked on them and they were becoming the next big bath bomb shape craze. I (Brendan) however was VERY against launching donut bath bombs because I felt they were going to be over done and too saturated. I wanted us to have something different on our line that no one else had that could be different and eye catching. I veto'd the donut shape to what our Red Champagne shape was, which was a diamond shape (To make it classy) well... that shape back fired REAL hard and our sales for the Red Champagne bath bombs went to the toilet. When we changed it back to their original shape, sales went up once more. Needless to say I learnt my lesson real fast and was very much humbled by that process. 
Fast forward to a couple months ago we receive a package in the mail from our 3D print person out in Ontario and when the box was opened...there it sat... the mold I didn't ever want. I realized then I had to give it a chance, and we discussed what we would do with it. Ultimately we both decided to come out with a line that was super kid friendly, and also so that adults could enjoy. We already had a fun retro pack, so we decided to make the "Snack Pack" and make donuts that smelled after fun desserts!!
And honestly, after working out each scent and coming up with our line, we are so excited to be bringing you this pack that was all hand made, hand pressed, and hand detailed!

What Are The Scents?

Incase you were wondering, ofcourse we are going into the scents! This is what half the fun of these little tid bits are! Read below to find out what each one is and get ready to salivate with excitement!

PB&J - That's right! How can we not have a snack pack with out the quintessential elementary school lunch sandwich from everyone's childhood! This little donut is colored a hazy purple with a red jelly glaze because it's the type of jelly that mattered! Whether it be grape, strawberry, or raspberry, it was always the bright color that sold it to us and often was the main item used when trading lunches!

Chocolate Mint - A true classic and often one of the most argued flavours of everyones favourite ice cream, we decided that it would be the colour of the donut that sold us on this flavoury and fresh scent. A dark chocolate donut with that hint of mint green colouring is sure to win the flavour wars from here on out!

Green Apple Jolly Rancher - Woo, that's a mouthful, but like the flavour itself, so is this scent! We really wanted something bright and eye catching, and what's brighter than a lime green with EVEN MORE green drizzled over top?! This was one scent I was unsure about but after receiving it and colouring it, this is by far my favourite one to date!

Cinnamon Frosting - Incase you need to reread that again, heck yes we did a cinnamon frosting bath bomb!! I think what my favourite thing about it is the fact that after we drizzled it with the frosting topping, is how much it looked like a little cinnamon bun donut thing that with the scent, I just wanted to eat the whole batch! This one is the dangerous one as to how good it smells and the fun that will be had with it in the tub!

These 4 pack of ABSOLUTE FUN are launching at the Make It Show downtown Vancouver at the PNE from December 7th - 11th and they will be available afterwards as well, but needless to say they are the perfect stocking stuffer or small present to gift for the holidays, but after the 17th of December we are just reminding that our site will be down for the holidays so it's best to act fast on these little snackers!
And caution to the wind, these bath bombs are non toxic! That's also to say they are not actually edible! So be safe with them, and enjoy them!

Until next time, Thank you to everyone who supports us, and continues to support us!

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