The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Well December came ALOT faster than expected!

With the end of the year in sight we will be doing a bigger blog post later on as our year in review and what we can expect for the next year to come, but as of this moment we will just focus on the "here and now".


As we said in our previous blog post mentioning our upcoming markets, we have our largest one coming up next week called the "Make It Show"! This market consists of over 250 vendors who are selling their HAND MADE goods for a week long market that just so happens to be right near the holidays! Not only is this perfect for last minute gifts, but to us it's a massive outlet to showcase our goods to many other people, and branch out more! 
Unfortunately due to some fun pandemic events that happened the last two years the market had to be called off. We orginally were suppose to be a part of it last year, but because of certain rules and safety precautions it had to be held off for a little while longer. This holiday season it is FINALLY coming back, and the feeling of excitement and anxiety is through the roof for us!
For us this time around it means so much because we have always stated we want this to be our career, and this market is hopefully the one to clear out our year as this is also our LAST market of the season. 
After this market we will be up and running for a couple days longer but then shutting down the website for the holiday season. 

We cannot stress enough that our site will be down December 17th until the new year, so any and all orders for last minute gifts need to be in before then. 


With the annoucement of the market coming our way we are proud and excited to announce that we will be dropping a brand new product. 
Actually 2 new products!
Hopefully with our orders coming in we can receive one of our shipments so that we can launch our face cream. As of right now with the snow in Vancouver, alot of deliveries have been held off due to their concerns of that wonderful Vancouver driving skills.

The other product launching will be a fun little Dessert Package. It won't actually be desserts, but we will be making another blog about our bundle packages that we have, and the new one we have coming out!

For now that is all I will be writing about and the anticipation won't much to linger on as we will go into it all on Monday!

Untiul then, enjoy your weekend and stay safe!


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