Why We've Been Missing

Why We've Been Missing

Hey Everyone!

As you may have noticed, we MAY have forgotten to blog, and post, and update everyone during the ENTIRE month of January. We just wanted to reach out and let everyone know what exactly we have been up to that has kept us away from our site, and what we are going to do to change that!

So once again, yes, we have been missing for the very long portion of January, and no, it's not because we forgot (mostly). In fact we had every intention to update at every single moment we were able to get. The universe decided to give us some other plans which is more or less exciting!
As stated before, we decided to take December off and kind of lock ourselves away with the family during the holiday season. We ended up extending that until early January before we decided to come back, And when we got back, finished unpacking, we really let the business side of things take off for us! We began planning, making, soaping, budgeting, and it's where the budgeting portion hit us hard as the holidays we learned REALLY was a prolonged vacation. We Finally decided with our schedules that one of us should be doing the business full time. To get a sense of where we came from, both Stephen and myself (Brendan) come from the film industry world where we work minimum 14 hour days. With this change for one of us we were already ecstatic!  I (Brendan) how ever chose to stick with film a little bit longer to have some extra money set aside for anything safety. Of course this goes hand in hand with our budgeting goals which we are striving for something a whole lot more now!

We have also been doing a massive amount of research with our suppliers and ingredients, but more importantly, how else can we change, better ourselves, and introduce MORE products to our consumers? We are very excited to be launching so many things this year, and for now those will be a surprise, but we are proud to introduce our new line of Shower Steamers made with essential oils for better health benefits to your skin! 
With the changing times as well, it was also a hard decision that we had to raise our prices on some of our products. We fought our budgets long and hard, and really wanted to keep our amazing prices for our customers because they made us our business to what it is and we wish to keep growing. The truth is though, prices have increased to a maximum level this year already (Olive Oil jumping up $7.00 alone for our soaps) and we had to make the call to raise our prices accordingly in order to still purchase and continue our already growing product catalogue. We truly want to let you know that yes, it does hurt us to raise the prices, but we also hope that everyone understands that we must in order to continue this business. Some will be more of a jump than others, but we had to make that call strictly for supplies alone, and for the upkeep of our next piece of news. 

For those who have met us in person know that we have been setting our goals high, especially for a company less than a year old. Our main goal was to be able to get into storefronts in the surrounding Vancouver area. Early January we received our invite to be a part of Nooks, and then recently after, a part of Meeku Beauty. For us, this is nothing less than exciting that we hope we can share with everyone! We also hope to continue to keep growing and reaching for the stars. So where are these places exactly?
The Nooks - Located in Kitsilano, Vancouver, this store is curated by artisans, sold by artisans, and every amount sold is 100% profited by the creator of the items. This means everything you by from us at Hearth and Home goes directly back to us and to our products! This store is truly amazing and we strongly recommend not only going for us, but to support every other great local artisan in there as well!
Meeku Beauty - Located in Metrotown, Burnaby, Meeku is an all vegan skin care store that is also all hand made. The best part about this opportunity is that you can find our whole line of bath bombs in this location, RIGHT IN A BATH TUB! As well, this store also supports local and should be checked out as well! 

With all this going on, we actually truly forgot to update a blog on our website. We are constantly evolving as a business and have decided that every other Sunday will be "Social Sunday" where we do shout outs on our Instagram, as well as update new blogs to get us into a new world of small business scheduling!

We can't thank everyone enough so far!

Hearth And Home.
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