A Month Of Markets

Wow What A  Month!

When we first started markets we wanted to have something fairly easy. We thought trying one a month, then we wanted to add another, and another, It was hard to get into them though because turns out, when you launch a company in March, you already miss out on summer applications for the season. Lesson learned!

From there though we knew to start reaching out to craft markets, artisans, talking to fellow market vendors for the fall markets, and holiday markets ASAP! We were extremely excited to fill our August month with markets every weekend, as well as some on weekdays. This was a true test to see if we could, and boy did we learn some things!

1. - Be Prepared

I'm sure every market goer will tell you, BRING SUPPLIES! They couldn't be more right. Luckily for us, we took heed, and words, and packed enough supplies to last us through the biggest of rushes only to gather the thought of not knowing how we would sell. But this can't be more true! It's always best to bring more than not enough. Your are going to have days of selling one item till it's sold out ompared to to others where you don't make a single sale, and it constantly changes. Never be the one to run out of something and have people miss out!

2 - Energy

If there is one thing I learned from growing up working in retail, it is to be personable. A couple things fit into this category, and the biggest one I've noticed is "Sitting Down". With our booth, there is ALWAYS going to be another candle maker, bath bomb maker, and artisan soap creator. What we have noticed though is those who stand up to talk to their customers make ALOT more sales than those who choose to stay sitting down. People are there to support you, even if it's only looking and smelling, then moving on, at the end of the day, they will remember interaction! So many times we have had people stop by, chat for a bit, then move on only to come back later and tell us that we were more personable and welcoming to them which is why they came back. You are not only selling your products, but you are selling yourself! Therefore, be welcoming, talk to them even if they are just passing by, and stand up and look at them, explain stuff, interaction is key! We are still a VERY young company, but we have proven ourselves through our markets already and are continuing to grow from there!
 The other thing about energy too is, you will spend so much energy on customers. We work full time jobs that easily take up 12-14 hours of our time a day, and yet we are more tired after markets because of the energy spent to push ourselves out there!

3 - Support Other Vendors

Sure the food vendors and snackers are always great to support, but what we mean here is, show support to the other vendors who are selling what you are selling! Too many times have we gone to market and be stared at with unwelcoming eyes and judgements from other candle makers and soapers. Snide remarks make their way back to you. And the small whispers you are creating can be overheard by other vendors. It doesn't take much to give a smile and a hello. Often times I love to go to other vendors and share thoughts and hear how they come up with their process because it really is so different how it's done! Buy something from them that maybe you don't have. Something to maybe try out and see how it feels. It's a great way to make their goals and show support, and you get to test out a new product you may never had the chance to, and give the possibility to create something new. We started out as a candle business, and we are branching out to so much more because of this!

With holiday markets coming up, it's free to be kind, great to support. We look forward to filling up more market slots and meeting new people!

Avery Candles

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