June is best known for Pride month, and being part of the LGBTQ+ community, it means a lot more to us than what the public would think is a giant party and parade. 
To us, Pride is about love. And how love isn't just in black and white. It is an array of colors, and forms. Love truly has no boundaries which is why we wanted to launch for one month only, our "Love Isn't Black And White" Bundle being our Soap and Bath bomb. 
Our Soap is made with activated charcoal with a different strategy of swirling cause we wanted something that was exactly our brand but with a different twist. 
Our bath bomb takes on the simple and classic look of being white, how ever it grabs the attention with its rainbow splatter packed with rainbow imbeds inside for a truly magical bath time experience.

Both of these items are scented with a black berry sorbet mixed with champaka. These scents are as opposite as it gets on the fragrance scale yet when they are paired together create this enticing new scent that just seems to work as one. To us, this made perfect sense and the right choice to blend for this one of a time release that will disappear at the end of June. 

As pride only lasts for one month, we continue to live it in our every day lives. We want to reach out to anyone and everyone who not only follows us, but knows us in passing, or complete strangers stumbling upon this. We respect all forms of life and what path they may choose. Our arms are always open and welcoming to new faces, new ideas, and new prospects. When it comes to love, we see that love has no boundaries. Our community has had a checkered and haunting past, but that doesn't mean our future has to have the same outcome.  We continue to constantly thank everyone and their support, and we can't wait to strive for more. 

So to all reading, Happy Pride month, you are well loved, and well respected.

Hearth and Home.

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