Markets And Sales!

Markets And Sales!

Well holiday season is in FULL SWING!

With the holidays coming up we ofcourse have sales coming and markets out the wazoo! So read more if you'd like as there where we will be, what we are up to, and the sales that are coming!

First and foremost a small update on our business side of things. It has always been a dream to take on this job full time and have it be our career, and slowly we are getting to that point! After a serious look through and ALOT of talking we are finally able for me (Brendan) to take a step back from my full time career to focus on the business! For those who don't know I work in the film industry as a makeup artist. This is extremely taxing not only on the body, but on the mind as well. Upwards we work from 12-16 hours a day, and in most cases do what's called a Fraturday (working friday evening to saturday morning). This doesn't leave much of a work life balance and finally it took it's toll on me. Deciding to take that step back and focus on the business has been the right choice though! 
Through working on media and pushing emails and reaching out we've managed to gain wholesale customers as well as fill up our books and orders to move forward! 
As well, we are still planning on moving next year as part of our plan, but we are also planning on sticking around a bit to have some of our last "hoorah" markets with those we enjoy in the artisan scene of Vancouver. Included with that we are planning on doing all the big home shows again, as well as the make it shows to give us the perfect excuse to always visit!

We will keep this blurb nice and easy with a packed update of our markets on where we will be for the upcoming holiday season!

November 26-27 - Portobello Christmas Market located at Yaletown Roundhouse downtown Vancouver

December 3rd - Glenwood Christmas Market, 20785 24A Langley

December 7th - 11th - The Make It Show! Located at the PNE, Vancouver
Note that this will be our last big market of the year and your last chance to shop in person for the perfect Bath and Body-care gift or stocking stuffers!

We have two massive sales coming up with us! The one happening is the BOGO SALE for the Make It Show where obviously, you get one ticket, and the other ticket is free! This sale ends November 28th! Tickets are within the link below,

The next sale is our BLACK FRIDAY SALE! This sale will last for one week only and we invite you to take advantage of the offer while it lasts because not only do you get free shipping on orders over $65 in Canada, BUT you can also save an EXTRA 20% with the our coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY22

That's all for this weeks blog, thanks for reading and staying up to date with us!


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