New Sights Ahead!

We finally broke the heat wave!!

I know that isn't news but holy did it set us back some! First off with our candles, all of our wax melted that we use into a massive block, so managing that has been hard to make shavings from a pre melted shaved bag. To go with that we lost couple of our dye chips. They completely melted so when we opened the bag to make some new scents, we were shocked to see a pool of deep red and green tones massacaring what was our supplies bag. We did what we could to clean it up, but things have been stained red hopefully not for much longer! We also now refrigerate our coconut oil that we use for soaps and balms as we found out we had a tub sized pool of it day 2 in the heat wave. We also had to save our Lye that we use for soaps because we were watching on as other soap makers had theirs seize up, and activate into one giant heat clump! But, as we stated early on in this post, this isn't the news we are sharing this week!

As our title stated, "New Sights Ahead" that is what we truly wanted to focus on to you all this blog post! So below, we have listed our future before us with our news!

- LIP BALMS! We have officially launched our Lip Balms! We currently offer them in three flavours. Strawberry Sorbet, Watermelon Picnic, and Cherry Kiss. We waited to launch these babies because we wanted to be absolutely sure it was something we could conquer, and with our test batches, it absolutely is. We have decided to use ingredients such as shea butter, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, and use a Candelila Wax base. This means we are always and forever a vegan friendly and cruelty free business, as we wanted to really stray away from beeswax. Took a bit of time but they are ready. You might also notice a hint of cocoa scent to it as well and that is because we've been using cocoa butter as well. Think of it as an extra surprise of sweetness! 

- New website. Don't get us wrong, the old layout was nice and showcased our products, but upon looking back at it, we knew we could do better! We ended up finding the layout that is now our published page and we couldn't be happier! It's easier to navigate the pages, bits of info you can find within seconds, and our order and product page is all up to date! And as usual, if any one is experiencing trouble navigating or general questions, always feel free to reach out to us!

- Lastly! And we announce this with SO MUCH EXCITEMENT! We are first to admit that we are a very fresh company, meaning we are new. We started this all up and launched our company March 21st, 2021. Because of this, we had missed alot of dates to apply for summer markets. We eventually got into our neighborhood market thats only a couple blocks away in New Westminster BC, and we have had nothing but success within our community. We have met many great market makers and we see them everytime we do the market now, and we swap ideas, little helpful hints to each other and really getting to know the crowd. We were told of a market that is a MASSIVE market, and I mean massive! It's held at the PNE twice a year, one in Summer, one in Winter, and it's called the "MAKE IT MARKET" and it hosts well over 250 vendors. We applied on a whim to the early access application, and turns out we were APPROVED! This market brings in thousands of people, and is held at the beginning of decembr for the holiday seaon. It takes place over 4 days. This is a huge step forward for us as this will be the most exciting and scariest moment of our business, and we are ready for the challenge. December is a bit far off, but after we crunched the numbers and found out what we needed. We literally are starting prep for it now as our time is limited with our full time jobs for the time being. How ever! We are super excited for this, and we can't wait, and we really hope to see everyone out to it, even just to say hi and show support!

Until our next post, enjoy the weather, stay safe!

Avery Candles. 

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