New Years 2021

New Years 2021

Well, It's Here..

Going into 2021 I don't think it ever occurred to us that we would be working so hard on our business or the fact we were able to accomplish what we did. 

When 2021 first started I had said that I didn't like resolutions as it felt like a chore, and if I were to stray away from it, it would have been a disappointment to yet another failed resolution. However, when this year started I was being pestered by past peers on what I wanted to accomplish. Simply stating, "I want to be happy" and little did I know that it was the catalyst of what was to come. 

During the month of March when the new year was on the tail end of being fresh, We had bought a candle making kit. As many people know this was the true start of our business. We only thought though that it was going to stay candles. When we launched, Stephen and myself were beyond excited to try something new, give it our all and see what we could do. A couple of our friends were supportive in our choice and even bought some candles. It felt good, but the peers who I worked with everyday who were at the time, very close friends, didn't share that happiness feeling that I was striving for. Instead it was met with great hardships and challenges. I write that down because going back to "finding happiness" I found out I was no longer happy at this place. So right after our very first market, and riding high, we chose to part ways. I didn't know what to expect but it was then at that point when we started getting more and more business. There were more markets, more opportunities, and more happiness all around. For the first time, going into May, Stephen and I were both extremely happy. 

Going into June we expanded our brand and introduced Bath Bombs and soaps. Once again we weren't sure what to expect but we were blown away by the amount of support. Through the next couple of months we sailed through great times. 

During September we were able to be a part of a whole new market through Got Craft where we met amazing vendors and market friends. Although we were all different, we all seemed to share the same path, and that was do what makes us happy, and to find that happiness. And it was through making, selling, and standing behind our products where we found it. Each new customer was a new opportunity, and we took it by the reigns and went with it all. 

Going into December we knew we were going to shut the shop down for the month. Getting back to our other jobs we found ourselves extremely burnt out! Working 16 hours a day, and then going non stop to markets took a toll on our mental and physical health. So we did what anyone would do...we stopped. Stopped everything and packed our bags and left for the month to escape it all, deal with some family issues, and reset. Somewhere between September and November the toll took our happiness and we were swamped. It was a heavy time for us just even trying to push through.

But thankfully, through this month off and looking back at this year, I wouldn't change a thing! We ended up finding happiness, and that was starting our business, and meeting so many new amazing market vendors and people, and building relationships with customers. Doing this truly sparks joy in our hearts. Which is enough to say I think for once, I was able to complete my new years resolution, and find happiness.  We are SO excited for what the new year brings us. We have so many plans, and ideas we can't wait to bring forward. For now though, the new resolution is plan accordingly! Be happy! Take time to breath, and most importantly, tell those around you how much they mean to you! I look forward to next year 2022 and meeting new people. 

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, and Happy New Year!

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