We Made a Switch!

We Made a Switch!

Happy Tuesday!

And welcome to the start of our weekly blog posts that will be EVERY Tuesday and Friday! For those who have joined us since day one, you know that when it comes to blogging that we ARE NOT the best. However, with recent times (will touch more on that on a later blog) we are here to make sure we stay up to date with our posts and blogging!

For this post today to kick us off right we really wanted to bring forward one of our biggest changes to our small little company, and that's officially now that we have made the switch over to using avocado oil in all our products!

For the hemp and almond oil fanatics we do apologize! But with our recent testing and products we are here to tell you why!



Why Avocado Oil?
Naturally, avocado oil can be used as a proper moisturizer for the skin and hair due to its high amount of vitamin E and oleic acid in it! Vitamin E oil is generally used in MANY healthcare and skin products where as the oleic acid is great saturated fat and it helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. What this means is that your body will hold onto moisture better and keep it healthier for all skin types!

As well, avocado oil has a natural UV ray protection in it. That's because with the vitamin E oil and oleic acid, it also contains beta carotine, protein, and lecithen (another healthy vitamin for the body) that also promotes a fast collegen metabolism for your skin! 

If that wasn't good enough, it also helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp which creates a healthy environment for hair grow keeping it fuller and healtheir!

Why The Switch?
We spent a long time doing research and looking through this, and what it came down to was our global clientelle and whole sales. 

We loved using hemp seed oil as it never clogs the pores of the skin, helps it breath and heal while keeping it moisturized, and was a perfect balance for all skin stypes, we however found though that avocado oil has all the EXACT same properties with a couple added bonuses for the skin vitamin wise. 

Ultimately what we faced was preference, online sales, and cost. 
- We noticed our skin was MUCH softer after using avocado oil and stayed hydrated longer. We also noticed that our natural oils from our body were more present giving us a healthier skincare routine to our everyday lives. It was also noticed among our other customers too!
- As a small business we are trying to branch out to more locations, and ofcourse that even means online. There are some websites out there that when you sign up to be on a whole sale list, come with a certain set of rules, and unfortunately, hemp seed was directly linked to cannabis on a large portion of these sites and therefore were refused to be sold which meant we lost out as whole sale suppliers during those times. 
- And our final reason why is really to do with the cost, and supply and demand! We live in an economy right now where EVERYTHING seems to be increasing except our living wages! It can be extremely hard on many people, and the last thing we ever want to do as a small business is have to raise our prices. Recently we have found that hemp seed oil is increasing in cost along with everything else, but avocado oil remains to stay neutral. This is also because avocado oil is easier to supply, ship, and carry than hemp seed oil, and with our products selling as fast as they do, we have to keep up with supply and are able to get avocado oil essentially anywhere if we need to!

So going forward, we still have hemp seed oil products, but ONLY until they sell out, at which point the avocado oil will be the main line! We are excited to be working with it and excited to be sharing our products with everyone who can also enjoy it! 

Until next blog, stay safe, and enjoy!


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