About Us


Each of our candles is hand poured in small batches using Parafin Soy Wax. We use locally sourced wax, and each of our jars is recycled honey jars to give them their second life, and in hopes to be used to recycle once more for their next! Although some of our scents are sourced outside of our local district, we ensure they have been obtained in a manner of no harm made. We want our scents to be able to fill the room, yet not be too over powering. 

Our main line features 6 scents, and each season we bring forward 3 new scents to match its season and or holiday!

Although we love each of our candles, feel free to ask us which ones are our favorites, and let us know which ones are yours!


Every bath bomb made, is hand pressed to ensure our standards using a mixture of recipes altered to suit our brand! Our main being baking soda and citric acid, we have then added blends of hemp oil, sweet almond oil, kaolin clay, and ofcourse our fragrances, essential oils, and powders for coloring.

Within our realm of bath bombs as well we have brought forward batches of shower steamers that fit the realm of same product different use! As with some of our bombs you may notice our "toppings" and with each bath bomb comes a different focal point! Lavender petals, calendua leaves, even glitter to sprinkles, we want each flavour to not only bring a different scent, but bring a different experience to your baths and showers!



Our soap that we make is a process called "Cold Processing" What it essentially means is our soaps are blended with a lye solution and mixed to create the soapification process. After which we let it set for 4 weeks for the curing process to finalize. 

We use hemp oil in our batches as it has benefits of not clogging your pores, higher quality oil with less usage needed. We also mix it up with coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E oil for a healthy glow. 

Not only are our designs nice to look at, its also an easing feeling to know we are vegan friendly and cruelty free!



Small, affordable, and packs a punch! We blend our balms up with hemp oil, as well as cocoa butter and candelila wax for an easy application and long lasting product!

Every tube is hand poured and hand labeled like every other one of our products. You may notice a hint of cocoa with each flavor we offer, and we just want to familiarize everyone that it is within our cocoa butter! Each one is sweet and dessert-esque. They are the perfect small gift and act of appreciation one could show.


From the shower, to the bath, and to skin care, We are here for you!


We are proudly